Digi.City Interview from July 23, 2020. In July 2020, the team from Digi.City sat down with Amanda Daflos (Chief Innovation Officer for the City of New York) and Jerry Power to discuss innovation, data, and smart cities The City’s need for innovation and data has always been clear but the pandemic of 2020 has heightened the criticality of the issue and is accelerating change throughout Los Angeles as well as other cities.

2020’s TV Interview from June 12, 2020 In June of 2020, we sat down with 2020s TV to consider the nature and importance of real time data to the modern business. It is easy and accurate to say that successful companies are data driven but the critical differentiating factor is how successful companies use data.

TIE SoCal Interview from May 29, 2020 In May of 2020, we sat down with TIE SoCal to talk about the I3 Vision, its history, and the experiences of I3 Systems as we move to commercializing a network centric approach to building data communities from independent participants interested in breaking down the data silos that unleash the value of real-time data.

An Introduction to I3. A tutorial session that explains the Internet-of-Things and puts a context around the importance of this technology. The City and County of Los Angeles serve as a backdrop to illustrate the impact IoT technology will have on Smart-Cities seeking to effectively serve their citizens in a digital world.