I3 Services

Design. I3 Systems can provide infrastructure design services as including vendor recommendations, network design, and data framework development services.


Customization. I3 Systems can customize the opensource I3 software to meet specific needs. Customization efforts include creating device and application specific scripts, development of value-added I3 software features, or creating special purpose operational interfaces.


Applications Integration. I3 Systems can integrate Applications into an IoT Network infrastructure using the I3 Core Software.


Certification and Testing. I3 Systems can provide testing and certification services for IoT devices, Applications, and Data Networks.


Installation. I3 Systems install I3 nodes, IoT devices, and Real-Time Data Applications making use of the I3 software to manage data governance.


Systems Support. I3 Systems provide remote support of data network infrastructure including help desk services, patches, updates, and ticked support system services.


IoT Device Support. I3 Systems can provide local IoT device support services for device suppliers in need of tier one support services.