I3 is the name of opensource software developed by the I3 Consortium with guidance from the University of Southern California (USC) Viterbi School of Engineering and Marshall School of Business. The I3 software was designed to allow communities of IoT data owners to work together on common data problems. The Open Source software manages the privacy/permissions, broadcasting of data, data directories, and incentive mechanisms needed to support data collaboration where different parties control different data streams.

Version 1.0 of the Opensource software was publicly released in December 2019 and is free to download from GitHub. The Viterbi team, with a number of supporting organizations, companies, and universities are working to design, develop, and test Version 2.0. Information on the open source project can be found at i3.usc.edu.

Several principals in the I3 Consortium movement moved to create a new company, I3 Systems in February 2020. Separate from the ongoing research and development efforts of the I3 Consortium, this company was created to provide operational support to these new data-centric networks that were designed to foster a spirit of collaboration between data-centric organizations. Their efforts include operational support of I3 systems but go beyond that to cover many of the needs these future networks will require. Information on I3 Systems can be found at i3-iot.com.