I3 Systems maintains a set of divers reference materials for customers, potential customers, partners, and investors. These resources include:

Published Newsletters: Our monthly newsletter which includes a wide range of topical conversations about both business and technology. The newsletter is intended to be educational and thought provoking (not commercial) and is being distributed under the belief that innovative thinking stimulates increased use of data and that expands the market for the benefit of I3 Systems and the industry as a whole.

Videos: I3 Systems team members frequently make guest appearances on web based video channels to discuss issues of importance for forward looking organizations. Many of these interviews have been captured on posted on our web site as a service for the I3 Community.

Blog: The world is changing, and changing fast. Books and white papers are a great way to disseminate knowledge but too often, by the time these materials are published they are out of date. I3 Systems has created a blog space where they can share thoughts and opinions in real-time. Community members are also encouraged to participate in the dialog.

Reference Materials: Reference materials are timeless and provide a basis for future growth, I3 Systems has collected a set of reference materials for use by the I3 Community. These materials may come from the I3 Community, partners, or other entities with perspectives that are of value to our community at large.