An I3 Systems associated accelerator program that focuses on local economic development and community involvement with a focus on retail/hospitality, healthcare, and smart-government.


I3 Systems supports accelerators!

The goal any accelerator is to help a venture move from inception to production and operations. The path along this process involves several steps and different accelerator programs focus on different steps, different industries, and different markets. It is important for any venture to carefully select an accelerator program that supports their unique business needs.

I3 Systems is different in that we provide a modularized program which allows the venture to customize their I3 Systems Accelerator experience to fit their needs. I3 Systems can provide services to established accelerators and I3 Systems can also create a new accelerator program tailored to their exact needs.

I3 Systems understands that successful businesses need data to operate, by helping these ventures get established and thrive, the flow of data is increased. The more that data can flow between IoT devices, data analytics companies, data storage companies, artificial intelligence companies, and data visualization companies, the more everyone benefits.

The following are some of the services I3 Systems will support for I3 Systems backed Accelerators or independent accelerators.


  • The program is creating a matrix of subject matter experts to support the Accelerator participants.  The Accelerator’s support system includes business, process, and tech specialists that accelerator pathfinders can utilize to place the right experience with a company in need. 

Pitch Sessions

  • The program provides support for a variety of pitch sessions and pitch events.  Pitch sessions can be structured for investor communities, potential customers, or potential employees.  


  • The program provides accelerator participants with access to a virtual I3 development sandbox.  The sandbox will contain common software tools that startups need to launch their business.  The tool set includes database, CMS, ecommerce, customer support, email, web development tools, software programming tools, video/audio production tools, and access to a virtual I3 node. 

    The I3 infrastructure serves as the fabric that allows Accelerator ventures to interact with one another through a data API to realize solutions that are more powerful than any single vendor solution. 

Market Exposure

  • The I3 sandbox system, which is being adopted by other complex organizations for internal use, allows ventures to expose potential customers to their products and services. 

Business Services

  • The program is creating a directory with local business service companies, so these ventures can easily find services that will grow and support their business.  

Hackathons and Challenges

  • This program supports community participation in hackathons and challenges that provide new ventures valuable experiences while in the formative stages.

Educators and Students

  • The Accelerator program facilitates corporate sponsors seeking to fund local educators and students (college and high school) to work with new technology ventures over the summer. 

Market Testing

  • The program supports business community interactions with new ventures. These community members provide a potential test bed for market testing, demonstrations, and proof of concept deployments.   


  • The Accelerator program allows participants to ‘advertise’ their activities in the I3 Systems monthly newsletter and to utilize the accelerator web presence to serve as a marketing vehicle. 

Professional Services

  • The Accelerator program links companies to professional services such as lawyers and accountants and will encourage these associated firms to present educational sessions on topics associated with their area of expertise.