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I3 -- The Intelligent IOT Integrator (I3)

We are working toward an organizational meeting of the I3 founding fathers. The vision is that the I3 system will be developed with contributions from many different companies and individuals and distributed as opensource.

We are in the process of establishing a board of directors who will serve to establish the initial operational rules that will govern the I3 development/contribution, testing, and distribution processes.

We are working toward a Feb 3, 2017 meeting of the initial board of directors where we will lay the groundwork to enlarge the I3 contributor community. After that initial meeting, we expect we will be looking to expand on the contributor community as we work toward a summer 2017 conference focused on the IOT impact to smart-campus and smart-city environments.

If your company wants to be involved in the believes in the I3 process and wants to materially contribute to realizing this future, please let us know.

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