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I3 -- The Intelligent IOT Integrator (I3)

The I3 system is an IOT domain controller will support the following goals:

The I3 system expected to be reused by government and business entities as an IOT domain controller which supports the development of a local data-based ecosystem:

Core of the I3 system is an active registry. As a registry, it contains a description of all the sensors, beacons, and applications visible to the system. An active registry is a registry that includes a persistent data store that is constantly updated to reflect the current state of all sensors. The I3 system simplifies the IOT systems in the registry/database provides privacy features for the user so that only applications which the sensor has approved has visibility to the data from the sensors owned by an individual. Centralization of this software reduces the complexity of the software located in the sensor. Additionally, because the registry/database allows applications visibility of the sensor data as standard database calls, the complexity of the applications is reduced because each application does not need to understand the unique features of the sensors they are accessing.

A key component of the I3 concept is the idea that application development and sensor deployment should be independent market activities. There should be incentives for sensor owners to deploy sensors which serve to make the I3 environment attractive to independent application developers. In addition, the application developers should be able to gain access to sensor data without having to deploy dedicated sensors or sensor specific software applications. To accomplish this, the I3 system will keep detail usage information so it is possible to track which sensor data is used by which applications. Ultimately, the applications should be able to 'purchase' access to the sensor data they need as needed and sensor owners should be compensated based on the value of the sensor data they produce. Note: in this context the term 'purchase' may imply a monetary transaction, a barter agreement that trades data for application access, or peering relationship where on parties data need is offset by the needs of another party.

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